April 29, 2012

Tangerine Hearts

Hello my fellow blogspeople!XO
Im super excited about this post...because:

1) I 'made' it!
2)I have been wanting to click these pictures for looooong!

Okay, time for clarifications. Point  no. 1) I 'made' it! meant, that I painted this tee myself! The white cotton tee with puff sleeves was my all time favourite for a loooong time...well, till it started getting a tad  boring.
And viola, with 3 bottles of acryllic paint (orange, shocking pink and black) it got transformed into a 
colour-blocking wonder!

I wanted to make the design as sketchy and random as possible...So i just messed about with the heart motifs! My mom scolded me for not drawing in the design beforehand(before painting) with pencil/chalk...She still thinks it is too messy!XD

Supercute polka Jacket from H&M
Red Bow-Buckle Belt-Westside

Hope everyone is having a magnificent weekend!



Unknown said...

The jacket is amazing. :)

I am a sucker for jackets, though it's unbearably hot to sport one currently.

Chp_dzn said...

Jacket is super duper cute! Love the painted tee! Awesome creativity! :)


UnA said...

I love your jacket doll!
You have a pretty blog. I followed you. I hope you can follow me back =)


Giovanna said...

Cute look! Nice job on your shirt!


Ioana-Carmen said...

Love yur t-shirt! :X

MateaTPol said...

wow i love your tee! soo cool! you did great job! :) fallowing

!Fashionettista! said...

love the polka blazer!! and nice diy shirt!! feel free to check out mine and follow if you like.. kisses lee

lovely*day*to*dressed said...

really love your polka dots jackets!!!

We have exactly the same ;)

I follow you now!!


milocanovich said...

thank you so much for your comments :) you're so lovely! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for your lovely comments sweetie (: ofc following back


Dayle Pereira said...

Hi Shubhi !
Thank you so much for the comment ! What an amazing blog you've got here - Following you right away!
I can hardly believe you painted that tee - that is so pretty!
Way to go !


Project Curve said...

unless you tell anyone it's a dyi they won't know!love the owrk!
following you via gfc and bloglovin :)..see you soon :)
keep in touch