January 25, 2018

Incidental Poetry


  • Sometimes when I look up to the sky I see,

  • Slept-in bedsheets
    Ceased cotton
    Rolled up comforter
    A Botticelli bottom.
    . . .
    Peaks of meringue
    Ink-bottle blots
    Cinnamon rolls
    Whipped-cream clots.
    . . .
    Nuclear explosion
    Chimney smoke spires
    A trail of exhaust
    Glowing fires.
    . . .
    Snow covered roofs
    A weeping willow
    Bales of hay
    A feathery pillow.
    . . .
    Vanilla cake-dough
    Paw of a kitten
    Wispy goose-feathers
    A furry mitten
    . . .
    Oil-painted strokes
    A watery wash
    Graphic gradients
    An ink splosh
    . . .
    White towel rolls
    A puffy sweater
    Tail of the squirrel
    A tear stained letter.


  • Looking up is good. It brings hope, and is good for the neck. Also, it leads to some incidental poetry during long walks..👩🏽‍🎤