December 06, 2022

Days turn to years

Think of it like this: you can go years without being in touch with yourself, too overwhelmed with the external noise, and you will never know.

You can go years without documenting what you feel because your feelings don't seem valid or important anymore.

You can do years without sharing your pain because it seems like it doesn't matter.

But it matters. 

You have something to lose. This.

The last three months of 2022 were overwhelming(ly good). But mostly overwhelming. So many new experiences to absorb, personal limits to be pushed, and flights to be on. I went to two corners of the world, first the west, and then the east. San Fransisco and then Bali. I was incredibly lucky to pull out my old fashion rotting away in the cupboards, and mix and match it for the warm, cold and the windy. I saw wonderful art, collected memorabilia, and people and their stories. I met friends, old and new.

I pushed myself at work and finished projects and hosted events.

I had friends over, and we cooked, and we sang and made music.

In retrospect, my life almost felt like it was playing to the lyrics and music of this song (one of my favourites)!

Cheers to keeping the documentation here, alive. Because it's a good life✌🏼

September 15, 2022

An outfit that happened by chance


I went to my dear friend Upasana's home for Ganesh Chaturthi, and having worn sarees at my home for two whole days prior, I was in no mood to continue that,  as I set off for her home. I wore a puffy courdroy top and pants, looking chic as ever. A 40-minute drive through Bangalore's bad roads later, I was ready to collapse on her couch as soon as I reached.

She was busy with her baby when I got there, and I made myself some tea as the evening carried on. Soon as she was done, I realized she had other designs. She had laid out two sarees, her makeup case, and had plans to drag me to the terrace for a photoshoot! (Another reason I love her).

I gave in, patiently, but in no way was I going to change into a saree blouse (It wouldn't fit me, anyway). I kept my top on, pulling down the sleeves and draped the saree. It was pure cotton, heavy but flowy. I gave in to the mysterious mind of the folds as the saree sat on my body. I cleaned up the folds and arranged them - a midway on how they wanted to arrange themselves and how I wanted them arranged!

I think I have discovered the art of draping. Not enough practice, but getting there. The terrace greeted us with a view of the golden sunset, and rooftops under the Bangalore skies. 

And then, this magic happened. #unedited


March 19, 2021

How to honour nature?

 I honour nature nature in two ways: I sit amongst trees, shrubs, under the sky, wherever I can get a home in nature I can connect to - in the city, in a garden, or while I'm travelling, and am truly in the wilderness...and

1. Breathe in deep, meditate, let my thoughts flow gently, and then ebb..It is that nothingness I feel when I am truly connected with what's around me, and I am a part of it

2. Honour it with the one talent I possess - my creativity.

This is an outcome of the second way of honouring nature. 

My house is flanked by bahunia trees - and it is one tree that personifies beauty in all ways: It has the most beautiful flowers, wonderful, butterfly leaves with veins so perfect, and lovely, shining seed pods that sometimes curl up when dry. 
I created a backdrop of these gorgeous pods and styled myself a simple look (with braided curls) that complements these..

Here is a post I created when I was inspired by bahunia flowers, many years
t just proves to me that trees can give me happiness, and keep me inspired and act as true guides throughout my life, without even me realizing it ..


February 18, 2021

February 2021: Mom's Saree


This Valentine's, we did something different. We went for a staycation in a heritage hotel in Bangalore! I wore a saree for the date evening. The outfit was a gorgeous, shimmery Maheshwari saree with an understated beige body and a patterned pallu. <3
And it was my mom's!

Masks-on-the chin was my official fashion accessory for the low-covid months of this year.